Simple Ceramic Tiles by Leading Manufacturer

Today, one of the most widely used materials in buildings are ceramic tiles, which with their high variety in appearance and various properties have been able to find their place in different parts of a building such as bathroom, kitchen, yard, parking lot, building facade, Open the greenhouse and other parts and give them a new and attractive look. Simple ceramic tiles It has had its own customers for a long time until today.

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Simple Ceramic Tiles by Leading Manufacturer

Where Are the Best Places for Using Simple Ceramic Tiles?

Where Are the Best Places for Using Simple Ceramic Tiles? What features make ceramic tiles a good material for the building?

  • High resistance to cold and frost
  • One hundred fires and their fire
  • Apparent fire resistance
  • High durability and color fastness against the passage of time and sunlight

What is the difference between ceramic tiles?
Apart from the fact that ceramics have a higher resistance than tiles, there is not much difference between tiles and ceramics today. Tiles are generally made with different designs and colors with different coatings and glazes, but if this coating is made of ceramic, it is called ceramic tile or ceramic, the variety of these products is very high. But ceramic tiles are mostly used in situations that require higher strength and durability. In the following, we will tell you the applications and the place of consumption of ceramic tiles and tiles.

Applications of ceramic tiles and tiles in buildings Pool Tiles. Anti-acid tiles.

  1. Ceramic floor. Bathroom tiles.
  2. Stair ceramic.
  3. Exterior facade ceramic tiles.
  4. Ceramic floor yard and parking lot.
  5. Wall tile. Ceramic floor toilets.
  6. Tiles between cabinets.

When it Comes to Pool Ceramic Tiles, How Long Do They Last?

When it Comes to Pool Ceramic Tiles, How Long Do They Last? Ceramic tiles lifespan How much is?
When buying ceramic tiles this year, it may occur to you that what is the useful life of a ceramic tile? How long does it take for ceramic tiles to lose their beauty and original effect? There are several answers to this question, because before answering this question, we must answer the question in what way and with what sex are the ceramic tiles? It is believed that porcelain and granite ceramics in a large factory have a longer life than tiles with ordinary soil. So, first of all, we must pay attention to what tiles and ceramics we have used, for what space, with what appearance, and for what use, with what dimensions. Are the technical issues in ceramic tiles carefully observed?

According to the above, the types of ceramic tiles can be easily classified according to appearance and color and also according to the place of consumption. In this article, we can examine the type of ceramic tile and its life according to the type of use:

Wall tile
This type of tile is one of the items that are used to cover the walls. When choosing a product, you should pay attention to the quality of the tile, the amount of wear, and the amount of slipperiness and surface area. Ceramic tiles for the body, because they are applicable for outdoor spaces, it is recommended to use ceramics with very low water absorption in wet and cold areas, because otherwise the useful life of this product will be reduced.
Tiles that are called wall tiles at the time of purchase are used for various purposes, including:
Shop wall tiles, bathroom and toilet, side stairs, reception hall, hallway, kitchen and …

Floor Tiles
Floor tile is an example of stone that due to its dimensions, it is better to use square ceramic tiles. It should be noted that the floor and ceramic tiles should deal with a lot of friction and avoid frustration in that space, and also in terms of water absorption, it is better to have low water absorption. Shelf life of ordinary floor ceramics with ordinary material is longer than exterior floor ceramics.

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We Offer Bulk Ceramic Tiles at the Best Price As we have said, we have prepared different types of different ceramic tiles to serve you dear ones so that you dear ones can buy any and every sample of these products according to your taste and need. For example one of The most popular example of simple ceramic tiles ceramic brick tile.

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