Rustic Wall Tiles Premium Supplier

Rustic style is used in interior decoration for villa spaces and houses that are built in a rural style. It is a style of architecture and design that uses natural materials. So that rustic wall tiles are as close to nature as possible in terms of form and texture. The main emphasis in this style is the use of industry and the spirit of nature in design and decoration. These tiles are also widely used to decorate the exterior of the building.

Rustic Wall Tiles Premium Supplier

What Are the Common Types of Tiles for Walls?

What Are the Common Types of Tiles for Walls? In general, tiles consist of two layers, the lower layer of which is ceramic and the upper layer is glazed. Easy to install ceramic and its glaze makes it have a beautiful effect and is also washable. The use of tiles in the building and tiles for outdoor has many advantages over materials such as stone, because the tile is both lighter and more durable and beautiful. The use of rustic tiles and ceramics in buildings located in urban areas can be done more on the exterior of buildings or interior walls, but due to the often prominent surface of these tiles, they are not used as flooring, which of course It all depends on the taste of the people.

Among the facade ceramics, ceramics that have a stone and rustic design have a more popular sales market. The exterior is a protective layer for the building that not only protects it against various factors but also plays a very important role in its beauty. Building facade and design The facade of a residential building shapes the urban landscape, so the design of different facades should be in harmony with each other. Another point that you should pay attention to is the harmony of the entrance door of the building with the harmony of the building facade.

Can You Use Rustic Tiles for Exterior Design?

Can You Use Rustic Tiles for Exterior Design? Rustic style is a model that uses natural resources and materials such as wood and stone or natural materials in a way that is close to the texture of nature in decoration. In this model, the closer we get to simplicity and purity and create a rural atmosphere, the more beauty we add to the decoration.

Large tiles with rustic design or other materials is mostly used in the architecture and interior design of villas or houses outside the city. The reason for using these materials outside the city may be the location of houses in the heart of nature, but now many people who live in cities also want to build or design the interior of their home with rustic tiles. In this style, simplicity and cleanliness of rural space are given a lot of importance.

Those who are interested in this style seek peace and create a completely rural atmosphere and avoid any modern technology and atmosphere. This type of style is used in the architecture and interior design of villas, houses outside the city and in the mountains, plains and forests. Because these places are located in the heart of nature and the materials are available to everyone in a rustic style.

Using this style in urban space is not without merit and can have a great impact on people’s mood. Wooden tiles and shelves in the kitchen space or textures and chairs made of natural materials or carpets woven from natural fibers such as fluff or wool are an example of rustic architecture. The exterior of the one-story building with ceramics is very beautiful and attractive. When buying these ceramics, you should pay attention to the fact that the selected ceramics are highly resistant to climate change.

Premium Manufacturer of Rustic Tiles

Premium Manufacturer of Rustic Tiles This group is one of the main distributors and manufacturers of rustic tiles and 6×6 tile in Iran, which offers this product to the market at a reasonable price and excellent quality. To view a variety of designs and colors, just refer to the virtual pages of this production group.In this collection, we try to make the choice easier for you by giving free advice to your loved ones.

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