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In today’s world, the package of flooring ceramic and tiles is booming, and the use of this product is on the rise and the price list is always fluctuating. Witness a new growth in this industry with the improvement of technology and the launch of new tile and ceramics production machines, as there are various categories in dimensions, surfaces, textures, designs, colors, and so on.

Your budget will determine the type of tile and ceramic you see. You can choose the quality and design according to your budget. As a result, the prices of tiles and ceramics must be considered.

The construction and cement industries are inextricably linked with the tile and ceramic industries. Consequently, price fluctuations in these industries have an impact on the price of tiles and ceramics.

In recent years, the construction industry has faced a lot of downturns because of the corona pandemic, and it has caused construction materials such as cement and plaster to gain in price, and as a result tile and ceramic prices have risen as well.

However, our company’s manufacturers on the other hand did not increase the price of this product as much as other factories and we strive to preserve not only the quality of our product but also the pricing.

tiles price list

People are using tiles and ceramic instead of cement on walls and as well as glass on the front of buildings because if you compare the price list of each of them with the other one you can find out that tile and ceramics are more valuable. Today, the tile and ceramic industry may cover all surfaces, including walls, floors, washrooms, bathrooms, and everywhere else, regardless of where it is installed.

There are many factors that determine the tile and ceramics price. These factors are including tile dimensions, designs, quality, and sizes. The tile prices are specified according to their dimensions which in some countries are measured by square meter measurement and in some countries are measured by the square foot or inch measurement.

Also, tile prices differ from grade to grade, for instance, grade 1 tile are usually more expensive than grade 2, 3, or even 4 because grade 1 is produced with the best material, therefore it has a better quality in comparison with other grades so it is worth spending more money on.

Even though lower grade tiles and ceramics are produced with lower quality materials, But still using tiles and ceramics with lower grades can at least meet our needs and give our interior design a better look, but it totally depends on your priorities, whether it is quality and first-grade material or price, but still our main purpose has always been to meet the needs of our customer with the best quality and reasonable price possible so that they plan to have more purchases from us.

tiles price list

flooring tiles price

The tiles and ceramic industry is at a boom after they started manufacturing flooring tiles, and as a result, different qualities and designs with different prices would be available.

Since flooring tiles attract the most attention from the viewers, buying them requires more attention to detail and quality. There are different categories of flooring tiles with various designs and different grades and qualities and prices. Make sure to have your hometown climate condition in mind when buying tiles and ceramics, because places with high moisture rate has to use some specific tiles and ceramics that don’t explode or decay after a certain amount of time. On the other hand, dryer areas require tiles and ceramics that help the atmosphere to stay cool and cozy. Architects suggest using light color tiles and ceramics for such places.

Some people might not buy the best quality or not buy from the best brands because of their shortage of money when they can find a very high-quality tile at a very reasonable price from a nice brand with simple research.

Our company provides different flooring tiles with different dimensions, including:

450 by 450 mm, 600 by 600 mm, 800 by 800 mm, 600 by 1200 mm, and so on.

These tiles are evaluated according to their dimension (per square meter) and their grade. Tile and ceramic market has so many different varieties that can confuse the customer when he is trying to find the appropriate product. Our product managers can help you to have the best purchase both financially and quality-wise.

flooring tiles price

bathroom tiles price

In past times when tiles and ceramics were not produced, cement or plaster because of their low prices were the primary choices for covering the floor and wall of the bathroom, but it had a lot of disadvantages including bathroom floor slippery and non-attractive visual, but with the start of tile and ceramic production a new age in interior designing started.

Using tile and ceramic for bathroom floor and walls has so many advantages such as their high water and moisture resistance and also slip resistance, these factors can motivate and convince a customer to buy tiles and ceramics. Bathroom floor and wall tiles, just like other tiles have so many different varieties. They are categorized according to their dimensions in 300 by 600 mm, 300 by 900 mm, etc. categories. Research shows that people are most likely to buy rectangular tiles and ceramics for bathroom walls and also floors. Buying the wrong tile or ceramic is such a common error that our company suggests you make sure the tile that you are buying suits your bathroom wall structure before buying it.

bathroom tiles price

Tile and ceramics in a range of sizes and forms are available from our company for many areas of your building, including the floor, wall, washroom, bathroom, and even the yard. We guarantee you that this is not a concern because of the services we provide to our customers in order to safely deliver their requests. As a result, a huge number of different business owners have attempted to contact us in order to obtain the ceramic and tile they require.

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