Wooden Floor Tiles Price

Wooden Floor Tiles Price

Many people want wood floor tiles but worry about how to keep them clean, in this article we will help you with that

Wooden Floor Tiles 

Wooden floor tiles let you enjoy the look of traditional wooden floors without having to worry about the upkeep and costs that come with them

People who want a warm, comfortable look that is always trendy and never goes out of style love wooden tiles

People like wooden floor tiles and wooden wall tiles because they make a perfect atmosphere

Orientbell has a lot of different designs for wood tiles that are sure to catch your eye

Our wood tile floors are made of strong materials like ceramic and porcelain

They last longer and can handle more foot traffic than real wood without getting as worn down

 Wooden Floor Tiles Price

Wooden Floor Tiles Features

Wooden tiles can be used to decorate any space you can think of
There are wooden tiles for outdoor areas, wooden tiles for bedrooms, and wood finish tiles for almost every room in the house


Positive Point
Warm, Comfortable, Trendy

Light, Strong, Durable

Plank, Deck

300×450 mm, 600×600 mm, 145×600 mm

We have every texture and design you can think of for wooden tiles, so you don’t have to look any further

In fact, textured wood tiles are very popular because they give any room its own personality

Wooden plank tiles and wooden deck tiles are also very popular becawoodey make a space look unique

Using wood-textured tiles can help you set the right mood

Wooden tiles can appeal to your sense of nature and help you make a space you will love

Studies show that wooden tiles can also be good for your mental health because they make you feel happy

 Wooden Floor Tiles Price

Buy Wooden Floor Tiles 

We can help you find the right wood tiles for your home’s floors

We have a lot of wood-look flooring in different colors, styles, and grain patterns that are meant to look like different kinds of real wood

There are a lot of choices, from rustic wood tiles that look good in country homes to sleeker and more modern options

Our website lets you buy wood tile for your kitchen, bathroom, and living room

Here you can find the best and widest range of wood-look tiles

We can meet your needs, whether you want a classic plank wood style for your living room or a modern multi-color wood plank porcelain tile to finish off your kitchen remodel

 Wooden Floor Tiles Price

Wooden Floor Tiles Price + Buy and Sell

Prices for wooden tiles range from Rs 39 to Rs 126 per square foot

Some of the most common tile sizes for wooden floors are 300×450 mm, 600×600 mm, and 145×600 mm

The last ones are wooden planks, which are often used to decorate modern and trendy homes

The widest range of floors that look like wood, always in stock and ready to ship

The best porcelain and ceramic to last as long as possible

You can choose and buy from dozens of colors, grains, and patterns
Every product we sell has the best prices

Quality customer service and shipping and returns policies that people can trust

Check out our full selection of flooring that looks like wood and places your order today

 Wooden Floor Tiles Price

The Answer to Two Questions About Floor Tiles

1: What is the cheapest way to tile a floor?
If you’re looking for a budget-friendly alternative, Look for some vinyl tile

2: Is tile better than laminate?
Tile is generally more expensive but also more durable than laminate because it is less expensive and better suited to DIY installation

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