Wood Effect Tiles Price

Wood Effect Tiles Price

In modern architecture, wood effect tiles with reasonable prices are very affordable because of many reasons that in this article we want to elaborate on so follow us

Wood Effect Tiles

Hardwoods are very beautiful and give an eye-catching and warm appearance to your home but they have many disadvantages

These disadvantages like water absorption, fire dangers, and decay make the homeowner regret applying them

The best solution that doesn’t have these problems even with better aspects is wood effect tiles

With using wood effect tiles there is no need to cut trees also they are very accessible at lower prices

In fact, wood effect tiles are the proper option for those who have allergies to hardwood

The surface of wood effect tiles is glossy and this feature makes your space more spacious

 Wood Effect Tiles Price

Wood Effect Tiles Features 

Mainly those who prefer comfortable, elegant, and warm design look for wood effect tiles

Also, these tiles can be applied in different areas indoors and outdoors for both wall and floor applications


Glossy surface, water resistance

Accessible size
Tiny to extra large

Climate endurance
Dry and humid

Water absorption
Its rate is zero

Wood effect tiles have different classifications and hues that you can see in our catalogs

Wooden tiles can be matched with other designs very well and they won’t be out of date at all

The colors of these kinds of tiles do not show dirt, dust, hair, fur, or stain traces and this feature makes them perfect for floor application

They are very easy to clean and maintain and our high-quality products won’t be discolored and the risk of damage rate is very low

In fact, the rate of water absorption of our product is zero so you can utilize them in outdoor areas like balconies easily

 Wood Effect Tiles Price

Buy Wood Effect Tiles

Before buying wood effect tiles first note the all given information then call our sales managers and experts

They guide you with sending catalogs and price lists

Also, our tile products are proper for every climate and they endure dry or humid climates

Do not hesitate our quality and prices make you surprised

 Wood Effect Tiles Price

Wood Effect Tiles Price + Buy and Sell

The price of wood effect tiles closely depends on some variables such as grade of quality, size, pattern, and design

The price range starts from 1$ per Square meter up to 5 $

We can provide wooden tiles in different sizes from tiny to extra-large

Our wooden tiles are categorized based on every single natural hardwood so you have a wide range of selections

What makes our wood effect tiles distinguished is our quality and price

Our prices are significantly cheaper than other prices

 Wood Effect Tiles Price

The Answer to Two Questions About Wood Tiles

1: Why wood effect tiles are affordable?
Because of the variety of patterns and colors

2: Is wood effect tiles installation hard?
For matching the patterns of them matching the patterns and grouting need some considerations

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