Vinyl Flooring Tiles Price

Vinyl Flooring Tiles Price

Two other resilient tile flooring materials that share similar traits are vinyl and linoleum that are similar and many people use the terms interchangeably

Vinyl Flooring Tiles

The first resilient flooring was made of linoleum

Linoleum was found when it was seen that linseed oil is used as a paint thinner to form a thick, durable, but flexible film that floated on top of the paint

It was first patented more than 160 years ago

Experiments revealed that this substance could be combined with other substances to produce a product that made for a very robust and versatile building material the perfect substance for flooring

In the 1920s, vinyl was identified as a substance

It is entirely synthetic, unlike linoleum, and primarily made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride)

In the 1960s, it became a less expensive alternative to linoleum flooring

 Vinyl Flooring Tiles Price

Vinyl Flooring Tiles Features

PVC vinyl is used as the core material of flooring goods, which have a felt or fiberglass backing and a durable surface wear layer that shields the photographic design layer

Vinyl is produced using several harmful chemicals, which has caused major worry among today’s ecologically conscious consumers


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For flexibility, vinyl also contains a variety of phthalate plasticizers in addition to PVC plastic

Many of the substances used in its production are known carcinogens

1 Also, a significant amount of energy and petroleum are used throughout the manufacturing process

The safe disposal of used vinyl flooring is practically impossible

 Vinyl Flooring Tiles Price

Buy Vinyl Flooring Tiles

Typically, vinyl sheet flooring comes in 6- or 12-foot rolls, from which lengths can be cut as needed size

Tiles are offered for sale in squares measuring 9 to 18 inches
In comparison with vinyl, rolls of sheet linoleum measuring 6 or 12 feet long are also offered

Luxury vinyl and linoleum planks have 48 to 60 inches long and 4 to 8 inches wide

When buying, pay attention to the points mentioned in order to buy a suitable and quality product

 Vinyl Flooring Tiles Price

Vinyl Flooring Tiles Price + Buy and Sell

In the big box home improvement stores, the price of sheet vinyl flooring normally ranges from $
50 to $2 per square foot, while tiles cost, on average, $3
50 per square foot

Designer flooring options provided at specialty flooring retailers may have significantly higher prices

Again, designer clothing may come at a greater price

You can get help from reputable sellers to buy this product

With the help of the best machines, our company produces and exports all kinds of tiles with the best quality

You can contact us to know more about us and get the price list

 Vinyl Flooring Tiles Price

The Answer to Two Questions About Vinyl Tiles

1: What are the dimensions of vinyl tiles?
Luxury vinyl have 48 to 60 inches long and 4 to 8 inches wide

2: How much does vinyl tile cost?
The price of sheet vinyl flooring normally ranges from $
50 to $2 per square foot

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