types of tiles purchase price + sales in trade and export

types of tiles purchase price + sales in trade and export

In this article, we are going to know different types of tiles and they are shown with their pictures
One of the significant parts of the construction building that should be noticed is the tiles used in it
People usually choose the tile according to its pattern, color, size, and dimensions of it
Same as these items, one of the important parts when choosing a suitable tile is considering its structure of it and it is better to know some information about tiles
And also know how many different types of tiles there are
Nevertheless, it is necessary to pay attention to the specifications of the tiles to use the required kind of tile

Main Types of Tiles

There are six main types of tiles, which we are going to learn about them
These six types are as below:

Porcelain tile
Ceramic tile
Glass tile
Marble tile
Granite tile
Another natural stone tile

 types of tiles purchase price + sales in trade and export

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile has the same clay mixture as ceramic tile, but it is baked at higher degrees
Since porcelain tile is made from dancer clay, it has less porosity than ceramic tile
It is incredibly durable and impervious to water
Thus, porcelain tile is perfect for high traffic areas, hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, and places with high moisture
And also, some of them are used for outdoor areas like pools, which should be asked from the company when buying
Porcelain tile also has a body-colored type
When you choose body-colored porcelain tile, the color of the body and its surface are the same
This kind of tile is hard and it can be used for several decades
With these explanations, porcelain tile is expensive

 types of tiles purchase price + sales in trade and export

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is an alternative to porcelain
It is more affordable than porcelain tile
Ceramic tile is also baked as porcelain tile that is two thousand degrees Fahrenheit, but it is a lower heat than porcelain tile is baked
It is more porous because its clay is not as dense
And it’s not as waterproof as porcelain tile
This process sets the glaze
Although cracking and breaching mostly happen for ceramic tile, it is cheaper compared with porcelain tile
Ceramic tile should be used indoors because doesn’t work as well in freezing conditions

 types of tiles purchase price + sales in trade and export

Glass Tile

One of the newest titles which are modern and extremely decorative is “Glass Tile”
Glass tile has no water absorption and it is impervious to water
its absorbency is zero percent
Meanwhile, ceramic tile has a 0
5 to 3 percent absorbency rate
Using this kind of tile is growing all over the world, and it is used for part of the decoration of walls
Glass tile exists in a lot of colors and it gives a special view to the kitchen and home
They are popular, because of their beauty and shine

 types of tiles purchase price + sales in trade and export

Usual tiles, which are used by people have a thick clay body with a fine glaze that is about one-tenth of a millimeter
But in the glass tile, there is a glaze with a thickness of six to eight millimeters
It is known by the name “Crystal Tile” because of its brightness and deep glaze
Thus, when we need to have a special or shining view, we choose glass tiles
Glass tile is also called “Border Tile”
This tile should be cleaned permanently to avoid losing its attraction
Otherwise, it would be blurred

Marble Tile

Marble tile is one of the most favorite tiles, because of its variety and wide use of it
Marble tiles are used for indoor purposes
One of the most significant aspects of this kind of tile is its color of it
The reason for having different colors of marble stones is being nearby various elements
There are many colors of “Marble Stone”
Some most popular colors are:

White marble stone
Cream marble stone
Nescafe marble stone
Brown marble stone
Pink marble stone
Red marble stone
Gray marble stone
Black marble stone

 types of tiles purchase price + sales in trade and export

Consider that marble stones are mostly known by the names of their mines
For instance:

one of the countries that have “Arabescato Marble Stone”, is “Italy”

The other famous marble stone is the “Emperador Dark Marble Stone”

Also, the “Emperador Light Marble Stone” exists in “Turkey”

Some marble stones of “India” like “Rain Forest Marble Stone”, “Ice Flower Marble Stone”, and “Indian Marble Stone”

Granite Tile

Granite tile is one of the ceramic tiles which is made from the “Natural Granite Stone”
This natural stone has plenty of specifications and even it has many uses
Granite stone is extremely durable and hard to break or crack under pressure
Therefore, it can be installed everywhere without the risk of being damaged
A granite tile does not react to sudden climate changes, moisture, and chemicals
And by this way, it is long-lasting
So, it would maintain the primary polish and shine for a long period
Granite tiles are “Glossy” and have a great “Reflection”
They almost are in dark and Brown colors and are proper for quiet places
Glossy ceramic tiles are most likely to be slipped on the floor
So be aware when you want to walk on the “Glossy Granite Tiles” if they are wet

 types of tiles purchase price + sales in trade and export

Another Natural Stone Tile

Natural stone tiles are kinds of tiles, and explicitly as the name is clear, they are natural
These tiles are used for indoor and outdoor purposes and create special beauty for the building
Depending on where their mine is, they might have different colors, structures, and issues
Here are some examples of “Natural Stones”:

Diorite rock
Travertine stone
Slate stone

 types of tiles purchase price + sales in trade and export

In the end, if you need tiles for your construction project, keep your eyes open to choose the most suitable tiles
During last years, we have gathered experts in the field of “Ceramic” and “Tiles”, and information about all types of tiles
Our company has widely worked on it and has experienced trade counselors to give professional advice about choosing the best option for your home with the best price according to your need!

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