Porcelain Floor Tiles Price Philippines

Porcelain Floor Tiles Price Philippines

Porcelain ceramics are used as floor tiles due to their durability and beauty and are generally offered as advanced and improved products from ceramics

Porcelain Floor Tiles

Porcelain is one of the members of the large family of ceramic tiles

In the modern division, porcelain attributes to high-quality products and specially-made tiles

Porcelain includes two types polished and glazed

Porcelain is produced from clay, feldspar or granite, and silica under high pressure and heat, which is white and dense after baking

This product is the highest and latest technology of the ceramic industry, which is used as flooring and façade of the building due to its beauty and special privileges

Porcelains are used in many residential and commercial structures and buildings, which have high strength and are resistant to chemicals, and for this reason

They are the best choice for hospitals and laboratories

 Porcelain Floor Tiles Price Philippines

Porcelain Floor Tiles Features

Porcelain floor tiles are highly resistant to abrasion and have a long life

They are harder and more resistant than other types of tiles for places with high foot traffic


Waterproof, Moisture-Resistant, & Durable

Common Sizes
180×180, 180×60, 120×120, and 120×60

Matt, Glazed, And Rustic

Depends on the finishes, quality, & brands

They are excellent and easy to maintain

Porcelains have a low water absorption capacity of up to 2 percent and are easily cleaned with water and ordinary detergents

Because of these reasons, they can be suitable for wet places like bathrooms, kitchens, and so on

They are not completely waterproof

Some homeowners living in cold climates face the issue of moisture or water freezing temperatures below zero between tiles

But thanks to porcelains’ dense and porousness compared to other types of tiles, this problem never happened

 Porcelain Floor Tiles Price Philippines

Buy Porcelain Floor Tiles

If you want to purchase porcelain tiles for flooring, you should be careful about the quality and the production-grade; because they can be warped

When tiles are warped, they are really hard to install

Before purchasing estimate and calculate the amount of porcelain you need

Before installation and purchasing, ask the sales agents about the appropriate adhesive and grout; because if you want to use other types or brands, you may cause an inappropriate installation

Be careful about the sizes of tiles for flooring

It is not good to use slabs or tiles with larger sizes for small places

 Porcelain Floor Tiles Price Philippines

Porcelain Floor Tiles Price + Buy and Sell

Porcelain flooring tiles are varied in price

The most important reason is the raw materials and the manufacturing quality

You’ll also need to choose the tile’s shape

Choose carefully because some shapes work better in some places than others

You might have to choose between ceramic and porcelain tile, so make sure you know which one is best for a certain area

Tiles that are produced with high-tech and modern machines are greater than tiles produced in traditional and old manufacturing lines

All these factors can affect the price

Porcelain floor tiles range in price from $15 to $206depending on size and grade

You can simply get in touch and textx our experts by clicking on the purchase box to recieve the latest models and the price list

 Porcelain Floor Tiles Price Philippines

The Answer to Two Questions About Floor Tiles

1: Which one is better for flooring? Porcelain or ceramic?
Porcelain is better because of its higher durability

2: Can we use glazed porcelain tiles for flooring?
Yes, because some of the glazed porcelain tiles are anti-slip

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