Porcelain Floor Tiles Price in Pakistan

Porcelain Floor Tiles Price in Pakistan

Porcelain tile is the most used material for flooring in Pakistan since these tiles could beat other types in terms of durability

Porcelain Floor Tiles in Pakistan

Although it has not been a long time since porcelain tile for flooring has been manufactured, these tiles become commonly used for high traffic areas

Porcelain tiles are considered the highest quality tiles in the market

Back in the day, porcelain flooring tiles could successfully meet the customers’ requirements effectively

This tile has its own advantages compared to the other types such as durability, special beauty, and strengths

You can select a wide range of materials for flooring but it doesn’t mean that all of them are the best suited ones

It is while our porcelain tiles are manufactured in a great variety of patterns such as wood look, marble look, and metal look to name but a few

 Porcelain Floor Tiles Price in Pakistan

Porcelain Floor Tiles in Pakistan Features

The special features of the porcelain tile make this tile to be a proper choice for flooring

These tiles are strong to bend since some reports demonstrate that porcelain tiles are two or three times stronger than granite


Good For

Water Absorption
Less than 0

Raw Materials
Kaolin, Feldspar, Quartz, Clay

Polished, Semi-polished, Non-polished

Also, the percentage of porcelain tiles’ water absorption is less than 0
1% which makes them resist hot or frozen outdoor areas

Additionally, the used enamels and raw materials help the porcelain tiles to stand up to chemical materials such as detergents, acids, and cleaners

Furthermore, porcelain tiles are manufactured in various sizes, patterns, colors, and shapes to satisfy different expectations

 Porcelain Floor Tiles Price in Pakistan

Buy Porcelain Floor Tiles in Pakistan

For some customers, it is a challenging task to buy the best porcelain tile for flooring

In this situation, a technician must be with you to guide you and help you to find the right tile

Speaking of tile selection, there are some international standards such as PEI

This classification stands for Porcelain and Enamel Institute which tells us how durable and resistant a tile is

While this standard is classified from I to IV, it shows us how the surface of the tile is and it can withstand scratch

This classification helps the customers to choose the appropriate tile for indoor and outdoor places

 Porcelain Floor Tiles Price in Pakistan

Porcelain Floor Tiles Price in Pakistan + Buy and Sell

Over the past few years, the price of porcelain tile for flooring has decreased as the number of producers grows

Since porcelain tile is known as the best-selling tile in the international market, there are a few manufacturers which can produce high quality porcelain tiles

Various factors can affect the quality of porcelain tiles like the used raw materials and the tile machinery

The price of good quality porcelain tiles can range from $10 to $60 in the market

Our company used second to none technicians to manufacture high quality, porcelain, rectified, and vitrified tiles

This assists us to be uncontested in the international market where we offer our products at a wholesale price

Our proficient technicians are ready to be your consultant within 24 hours since you fill out a form

 Porcelain Floor Tiles Price in Pakistan

The Answer to Two Questions About Porcelain Tiles

1: Where porcelain tiles are mostly suggested to be used?
They can be used everywhere since they can resist frozen weather

2: How to find the hardness of a porcelain tile?
There is an international standard named PEI which is related to the hardness of the tile surface

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