Large Format Tile Shower Price

Large Format Tile Shower Price

The price of the shower large format tile is lower than what most customers think while these slab tiles change the exterior and interior design

Large Format Tile Shower

While a modern look is required for the house, the large format tile is the first thing that comes to mind

Since these tiles are able to be used for shower, kitchen, or exterior applications

Slab tiles are known as one of the successful architectural projects since it covers designers’ requirements

These large-sized ceramics is used for floor, wall, or backsplash in a building

Large format tiles are mostly used for large areas such as halls, malls, and restaurants

These tiles are suitable choices for designing the interior of the house

 Large Format Tile Shower Price

Large Format Tile Shower Features

The special features of the large format tile make them the best-suited cover for the shower

Large format tiles are manufactured in 120*240, 100*300, 100*280, and 145*310


120*240, 100*300, 100*280, 145*310

Utilized places
Wall, floor, kitchen backsplash

Suggested places
Wall, floor, kitchen backsplash


The dimension of these tiles can be considered a powerful tool for various aspects

Slab tiles are really easy to clean

Having a seamless look in your house is what the large format tile offers you to have a spacious living room

These tiles, which give a fabulous look to your house, are manufactured in different patterns and styles

Not only the large format tiles are known as a design affecting factor, but also, they are easy to clean and effortless to maintain

 Large Format Tile Shower Price

Buy Large Format Tile Shower

Without any doubt, a technician or someone who is in the tile industry can guide you to buy the proper large format tile for different interior areas such as the shower

Even though these large format tiles are manufactured in big panels, it does not mean that they are easy to break

In fact, these tiles are resistant and strong enough that can withstand high pressure

Some customers know slab tiles as artificial stones since they are really hard and their water absorption is low

Having low water absorption lead tilers to select slab tiles for wet areas such as shower, bathroom, or kitchens

 Large Format Tile Shower Price

Large Format Tile Shower Price + Buy and Sell

Price is an important factor for a couple of customers who would like to buy large format tile for the shower

There are a few slab tile manufacturers in the world which can produce high-quality slab tiles for customers who are concerned about quality

The other factor that some slab tile manufacturers do not like you to know as a customer is that raw materials can directly affect the longevity of the large format tile

Shower tiles are available in our selection in different sizes and colors
Various designs have various prices ranging from 2$ to 10$ per SM

If you are not still sure that you can find a suitable slab tile with proper quality, you can contact our 24/7 technicians

They are ready to bring you up to speed with unique large format tiles for the shower, kitchen, and living room

 Large Format Tile Shower Price

The Answer to Two Questions About Tile Showe

1: Are large format tiles strong?
Yes, as they can be used for high-traffic places

2: Why most architects would like to use large format tiles?
Because it gives a seamless look to your area

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