Kitchen Floor Tiles Price per Box

Kitchen Floor Tiles Price per Box

Tiles play an unavoidable role in the kitchen floor in both beauty and maintenance features, we can provide all patterns, sizes, and colors at reasonable prices

Kitchen Floor Tiles per Box

The kitchen is an area that is included as one of the most high-traffic places in a home therefore its floor tile should have a distinguished aspect

Also, the kitchen is a focal point of the house and family members spend too much time there in order to cook, drink, and get together there

Finding proper floor tiles with a good pattern, color and size are hard because the ties should go well with other kitchen furniture

People mostly prefer to have bright floor colors because the space of a kitchen is small and bright colors like white or grey show the kitchen more spacious

 Kitchen Floor Tiles Price per Box

Kitchen Floor Tiles per Box Features

The kitchen floor is an area that faces too much rate of water, oil, or even scratch traces of heavy furniture so the kitchen floor tiles should have distinguishing features

One of the main features of kitchen floor tiles is anti-slip, high rate of water resistance, and thermal resistance


Proper Features
Color, size, and pattern

Standard thickness
Between 7 to 10

PEI rate
The kitchen floor is A

Best patterns
Stone effect, wood effect, & vinyl

If you run a commercial kitchen, you know how important details are

The floor of your work area is one of the most important details

There are a lot of different flooring systems out there, so it can be hard to choose the best one for a restaurant kitchen

When picking the best floor tiles for a kitchen, you should think about both how they look and how well they work

How do you plan to use the space every day, and how much wear and tear do you think the floor will get?
You should also think about where your kitchen is in your home and how pets and kids will affect how your floor is used and what kind of foundation you need for the space

 Kitchen Floor Tiles Price per Box

Buy Kitchen Floor Tiles per Box

When it comes to buying kitchen, and floor tiles some notable points should be regarded

Because renewing the kitchen floor is hard, we advise buying these tiles with the proper thickness, the standard thickness is between 7 to 10

Also, before buying kitchen floor tiles pay attention to the size of your kitchen then buy a suitable size of your tiles

If your kitchen is small try to buy large tiles, large tiles show your small kitchen bigger

Read the PEI rate on the box of tiles, PEI 1 or A is great for the kitchen floor

consider this point, kitchen floor tiles should be easy to clean and maintain

 Kitchen Floor Tiles Price per Box

Kitchen Floor Tiles per Box Price + Buy and Sell

When choosing tiles for your kitchen floor you can choose too many different patterns and designs that we can provide for you

The main patterns are wood look tiles, natural stone effect tiles, and vinyl tiles

These patterns give your kitchen a natural appearance and the warmth of nature

Also, they don’t show oil traces, water stains, fur, and hair on the surface of kitchen floors

Don’t ignore the role of grouting, normally the grout color is darker than the tiles which will keep the tiles seem more beautiful

The cost of floor tiles varies depending on the type and size, and ranges from 8
45$ to 482$

For any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us

 Kitchen Floor Tiles Price per Box

The Answer to Two Questions About Floor Tiles

1: Do tiles work well for the kitchen floor?
Wood effect tiles are easy to maintain and they go well with other colors

2: How much do kitchen floor tiles cost?
The cost of kitchen floor tiles is directly dependent on the PEI rate, materials, and temperature

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