Floor Tiles Texture Price in India

Floor Tiles Texture Price in India

Texture tiles are types of floor tiles that have an uneven surface, and these tiles are always created by combining several designs and copy together

Floor Tiles Texture

Textured tiles and ceramics are usually produced with strong textures that create special designs on the surface of the ceramic tile

This hard surface on the tile is completely different from smooth and glazed tiles

Textured ceramics are anti-scratch, waterproof and anti-slip, which can be the best choice for your floor and wall coverings

Textured tiles are one of the latest designs that can create a special atmosphere and are progressing day by day in design, color, and style

Textured tiles cause small spaces in your floor look bigger

 Floor Tiles Texture Price in India

Floor Tiles Texture Features

Floor textured tiles have different features and designs:
1- Linear Texture Tile: In this model, horizontal and vertical textures create lines in your tile


Strong Textures

Various Designs

Extra Feature
3D Design

Textured Tile Size
200 mm to 600 mm

2- Wave Texture Tile: These tiles are produced with wavy textures, which either have a different color of the waves or just a bump that shows the design of the wave texture

3- Mosaic texture tile: it is not a rational task to put mosaics together with their small sizes, but their undeniable beauty has caused their texture design to be produced in ceramics

4- Wood effect texture tiles: Wood effect texture tiles are also the most attractive type, which in combination with parquets creates a unique natural, and energetic design

 Floor Tiles Texture Price in India

Buy Floor Tiles Texture 

Textured tiles are usually produced in small sizes

For the floor, These tiles start from 200 mm to 600 mm

Which are usually used in different sizes in the building due to their non-uniform design, and according to your art and taste, it takes a special design

These tiles, like other types of tiles, are produced in glass, porcelain, clay designs, etc

The 3D design of this product and its rough shell create a living space for you

For example, a flower that came out from your wall towards you to give you a good day, dont loose it and buy

 Floor Tiles Texture Price in India

Floor Tiles Texture Price + Buy and Sell

To buy and place an order or even know the price for textured tiles, you only need to contact our consultants through the link below or fill out the customer form on the site

Our consultants will contact you and will help you in placing order with expert advice on the product and introduce best quality and the most suitable choice for you

We offer you the best direct price from the manufacturer depending on the quantity, delivery location, and type of your product

The Answer to Two Questions About Floor Tiles

1: What are the diffrent designs of Floor Tiles?
Linear Texture Tile, Wave Texture Tile, Mosaic texture tile and Wood effect texture tiles

2: What is the size of Textured Tile?
200 mm to 600 mm

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