Decoration Wall Tile Price

Decoration Wall Tile Price

Using decorative wall tiles is a great way to give your creation a personal touch and show off your sense of style for a wall decoration

Decoration Wall Tile

Decorative tile with varieties of racks designs can be shown on display stand types, including push-pull, flip-board, wall-mounted, basic, and island cabinets that may be positioned in various locations

You may choose the color and size

The most popular designs at the moment are wall-mounted and sliding doors

Adjustable, easy-to-show tiles with various specifications, quick and easy sample loading, simple and intuitive display, sturdy and stable, and the display rack is removable, making it easy to travel

The customized tile holder display that our firm created takes up the least amount of room yet can show more samples

The samples are simply repairable and replaceable as needed

It is easy to see and handy

The frame can be taken apart and put back together again for simple traveling

 Decoration Wall Tile Price

Decoration Wall Tile Features

Ceramic wall tiles are available in a wide variety of stunning colors, patterns, and designs that might be just the thing to help you realize your interior design dreams

Orvi Decorative Wall Tiles has a variety of high-quality tiles, such as Adora Aqua Decor, Andes Blue Decor, and many more, that may be used to complete the aesthetic of your home


Famous for Being 
Cost Effective and Durability 

Different Quality 
 Adora Aqua Decor and Andes Blue Decor

Resistant to
Water, Stains and Frost

Made of 
Clay, Sand, Quartz, and Water

 In spite of their low water porosity, ceramic wall tiles provide an extra layer of protection that makes them resistant to water, stains, and frost

 They are long-lasting because they are impervious to deteriorating chemicals and odors and do not collect dust, filth, or grime

 Decoration Wall Tile Price

Buy Decoration Wall Tile

These options are more cost-effective than those using tiles made of genuine or vitrified stone, such as marble or granite

Due to their versatility, durability, and benefits, in addition to the low installation costs, buying them is a practical choice for walls

Ceramic tiles are made from a variety of materials, including clay, sand, quartz, and water

Ceramic tiles are widely used in a variety of construction types, from private residences and public spaces to commercial and industrial establishments and even medical facilities

As both flooring and wall-covering tile, it has widespread popularity and usage

Installation of ceramic tiles is more popular than other types of flooring since it takes less time

 Decoration Wall Tile Price

Decoration Wall Tile Price + Buy and Sell

Their incredible toughness and longevity; ceramic tiles last for decades

The break strength of ceramic tiles is 350–400 kg/m2

The tile has a special coating that prevents it from sliding around on the floor

Cleaning ceramic tiles is as easy as wiping them down with a moist towel

This makes them convenient to ship because they need little effort to handle

The fifth distinguishing feature of these tiles is their resistance to scratching

You can’t even scratch them with a knife

There is a high level of fire resistance among them

Seventh, color durability: floors are subjected to chemicals, sunshine, and other elements

The price of decorative tiles in different designs is between 4 and 10 dollars

As one of the sellers of decorative wall tiles in international markets, we guide you for buying tiles in a safe method

To get more information about the catalog price you can contact our consultant

 Decoration Wall Tile Price

The Answer to Two Questions About Wall Tile 

1: Why are wall tiles so significant?
The usefulness of tiles extends much beyond their primary use as a hardy floor covering

2: What size tile works best for a wall?
For instance, take the squared-off 30x60cm format

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