Buy Tile and ceramic production + great price with guaranteed quality

Buy Tile and ceramic production + great price with guaranteed quality

Tile and ceramic production in most of the countries producing porcelain ceramic tiles is more than the demand of their domestic markets

To maintain their production there should be perfect strategies to export their products to the entire world

Export is the highest priority in the tile and ceramic business

This is because in all of the manufacturing countries of tile and ceramic, the production of this product is more than its demand in their country, so the manufacturers must have effective strategies for export

As a result of population growth, the governments have practical plans for construction

 Buy Tile and ceramic production + great price with guaranteed quality

There would be perfect development in the tile and ceramic industry with the construction progress

The tile and ceramic industry has always been growing and improving

The investment in the export of this product has an increasing trend due to the glut of domestic markets for investment and development

Investors who intend to enter ceramic tiles export can be confident about the reasonable profit margins

They should have a long-term view of this investment

In 2019, with the pandemic of Covid 19, there had been an economical stroke in the world

But the constant demand of human beings for housing has caused this industry to overcome this stroke

Therefore, that disaster hasn’t been very detrimental to this industry, and the production, import, and export of this product remained advantageous

Which Country Makes the Best Porcelain Tiles

Making the best porcelain tiles is one of the most challenging and competitive targets for many factories

There is not a constant answer to this question that which country is the best

All the manufacturers are doing their best to provide their products with the best quality and the most up-to-date technology

The first and also known as the best factory in the world is an American manufacturer

This factory could produce about 250 million square meters of porcelain and non-porcelain ceramic tiles up to the end of 2019

 Buy Tile and ceramic production + great price with guaranteed quality

The income of ceramic tiles production of this company has come to 631 billiard dollars per year

The second-ranking of porcelain ceramic tiles production is for an Italian company with a manufacturing rate of 166 million square meters and a ceramic tiles sale volume of about 669 million euros in 2019

The Mexican company with a porcelain ceramic tiles manufacturing rate of 166 million square meters and a sale volume of 647 million Euros is in the third ranking

The fourth one is an Indian company that produced about 101 million square meters in 2019

An important part of this production increase is due to the running of a large porcelain slab factory in Morbi

As the next 5 top manufacturers of porcelain ceramic tiles in the world, we can mention Spain, Brazil, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Iran

Indonesia, Vietnam, and Iran are the 3 most powerful manufacturers of ceramic tiles in the Middle East

The production volume of Iranian ceramic tiles manufactures is about 450 million square meters per year

Regarding the high-quality porcelain products, this country could place among the most powerful manufacturers of porcelain and non-porcelain ceramic tiles with a variety of designs and dimensions

Due to the fact that the raw material of ceramic tiles is available in this country, Iranian products can be traded in global markets at a relatively reasonable price

Where Are Ceramic Tiles Made

Ceramic tiles are made in the factories

The region where these factories are located is very strategic due to the availability of the raw materials and minerals needed for ceramic tiles production

To facilitate the supply of minerals and raw materials, the manufacturers tend to make their factories in areas with rich resources

The raw materials and proper soil for the production process will be transferred to the factory and the next steps will take place

 Buy Tile and ceramic production + great price with guaranteed quality

The raw materials will be pressed to make the tile biscuits and in the final process, the biscuits will be glazed and printed with a variety of designs and colors

Concerning the transportation of ceramic tiles to the intended markets, it’s vital to place the factory in an area with facile and efficient transportation

Tiles and ceramic are produced in the factories with up-to-date types of machinery and equipment

There are several production lines in a factory that manufactures thousands of square meters per day

The profit margin of producing or selling this product is tangible enough for the investors to enter this business

Ceramic Industry in World with Ranking

The ceramic tiles industry in the world has had an increasing ranking

The production of tiles and ceramic in the world was about 16 billion and 93 million square meters in 2020

A group of analysts and observers in the markets of tile and ceramic announced that there had been some partial revival in manufacturing ceramic tiles, about (1
7 percent) and in consumption of ceramic tiles by about (2
5 percent) in 2020

However, in 2020 the export and import of this product had a reduction by about 2
4 percent

But later on, there had been a developmental trend in the production, import, and export of tile and ceramic all over the world

Ceramic tile in Asia faced a 2
8 percent growth in production which was largely due to the increased production volume of China, India, and Iran

And consequently, they could retrieve the recession in ceramic tile production in countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia

Regarding the Covid 19 pandemic, Indonesia and Vietnam had a decreasing ranking in production however, Iran was exempt from this reduction

 Buy Tile and ceramic production + great price with guaranteed quality

The ceramic tiles production in this country had an increasing ranking by about 4% in 2019

Iran had the 7th ranking in ceramic tiles production in the entire world in 2020

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Due to the price and quality and various designs, Iranian products have priority over the other manufacturers

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