Best Tile Water Absorption + Great Purchase Price

Best Tile Water Absorption + Great Purchase Price

Considered a lot these days is its water absorption percentage

 This percentage is determined by the type of soil used to produce the tiles which helps us to choose the most accurate tile by examining the weather conditions of our residence

 The amount of water absorption in each tile is different

 Its percentage is determined through a simple experiment

 The weight of the tile is first measured before the test and then placed in boiling water and the water absorption of the tile is measured on its weight scale

 Eventually, the ceramic tiles are classified based on their water absorption percentage

 If the amount of water absorption is higher than the standard, the ceramic tile absorbs a lot of water, and after tiling, quality defects such as discoloration, blurring, falling, and cracking occurs

 Best Tile Water Absorption + Great Purchase Price

Additionally, one of the issues that affect the amount of water absorption of tiles is their density level

 In fact, as a general rule, the higher the density of the tiles, the lower their water absorption

 However, it does not mean that the lower the water absorption of all the tiles, the better

 Conversely, some products require more water absorption to ensure the quality of the furnaces

 When buying, you can check the instructions on the tile packaging to understand the water absorption of the product

 Consciously water absorption is a key indicator of tile quality, but it is not an absolute indicator

 Monitoring low water absorption can also cause problems

 Different spaces have different requirements for water absorption

 Best Tile Water Absorption + Great Purchase Price

Ceramic Tiles’ Water Absorption Limit

The limit of absorption of ceramic tiles water determines the amount of moisture that a continuous base can hold and provides insight into the surface resistance to water and other liquids

 This measurement is obtained by boiling a piece of tile and thus paying attention to its weight gain

 In the first category, some tiles absorb 7% more water than their weight

 These ceramic tiles are not appropriate for outdoor and cold areas as well as humid spaces such as bathrooms and toilets

 The next classification includes tiles that absorb water between 3 to 7 percent

 These ceramic tiles are not recommended for outdoor areas like the first category

 On the other hand, these ceramic tiles are suitable for indoor and dry spaces

 Best Tile Water Absorption + Great Purchase Price

The third kind includes ceramic tiles that absorb between 0

5 and 3 percent of water, which is one of the most suitable types for indoor and outdoor environments of buildings

 The last category includes tiles that absorb less than 0

5% water

 This classification includes the densest type of ceramic tiles that are suitable for different parts of the building and include porcelain products

 So, for swimming pools and places where there is a lot of water and humidity, it is better to consider buying porcelain ceramic tiles

 As you can see, the amount of water absorption of ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles has a direct effect on the suitability of a particular type of ceramic tile for a particular environment

Water Absorption Tiles in Bathroom

The water absorption of ceramic tiles that are used for the floor is not the same as the ceramic tiles for the bathroom and kitchen, and you have to use ceramic tiles with special features and characteristics, depending on the application of the place used

 The bathroom is one of the items that should be carefully selected and used for ceramic tiles

 It does not matter how you design or build your home; If improper ceramic tiles are used, the whole look and feel will be lost

 By choosing beautiful ceramic tiles, this point of the house can be turned into a beautiful place

 You can limit your choices and make the final choice much faster and more accurately by keeping just a few key points in mind

 Best Tile Water Absorption + Great Purchase Price

The next point regarding the quality of ceramic tiles in the bathroom is the amount of water absorption in it, which can be used for environments such as the bathroom that need to be washed regularly

 Ceramic tiles that have a high water absorption rate are low

 The best type and the highest quality tile that has little water absorption is porcelain tile

 Porcelain tiles can also be a good choice as they can normally absorb water slowly

 To install bathroom floor tiles, try to use one that is suitable for walking when wet

 These choices for the bathroom can guarantee you strength for a longer period

 Try to choose different models of ceramic tiles for the bathroom and use one that is easy to clean

 Best Tile Water Absorption + Great Purchase Price

Porcelain Tile Water Absorption

Porcelain ceramic tile is among the products that have a water absorption rate close to zero due to high-temperature firing and high density

 At first glance, ordinary ceramics and porcelain ceramics are almost similar to each other and they are not so different for the average viewer, but the fact is that they are completely different in terms of technical specifications

 Porcelain ceramics are much denser and have much fewer pores and porosity than ordinary ceramics, which is related to the way they are made and produced

 The most important difference between these ceramics is their water absorption

 The water absorption of porcelain ceramics is divided into two groups A and B according to the standard, in the first group water absorption is less than 0

5% and in the second group water absorption is less than 3%

 While ordinary ceramics have a water absorption of between 3-10%, this water absorption is generally about 5-6%

 It makes porcelain tiles harder and less moisture-permeable than regular tiles

 Best Tile Water Absorption + Great Purchase Price

The Low water absorption of porcelain tiles, in addition to greatly increasing their resistance to cold and frost and preventing them from cracking, prevents stains and contaminants from remaining on them and is easy to wash

 This is why most people are looking for porcelain tiles

 Because this ceramic tile is one of the most suitable types for bathrooms, exterior wall coverings, pools, and floors

 With this brief explanation, we found that porcelain ceramics are stronger and more durable than ordinary ceramics, although it cannot be claimed that ordinary ceramics have very low strength

 Consciously, to have the best quality of porcelain tiles at the most reasonable price, just fill out the form on our website


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