Anti Skid Bathroom Tiles Price

Anti Skid Bathroom Tiles Price

The surface of anti skid bathroom tiles prevents them from sliding around when you walk on them

This quality makes them appealing to purchasers, particularly in wetter regions

Anti Skid Bathroom Tiles

Anti-skid tiles, as the name implies, have a textured surface that improves traction and makes the floor safer to walk on

The tile body is more durable than standard tiles and the unique coating eliminates the need for frequent maintenance

Tiles with anti-slip technology have many potential applications, both in the home and in the business world

Place anti-skid tiles in high-traffic and wet areas to prevent falls

These tiles are suitable for a wide variety of interior and exterior applications, including but not limited to exhibition spaces, bathrooms, kitchens, gardens, shopping malls, swimming pools, workplaces, restaurants, and living rooms

 Anti Skid Bathroom Tiles Price

Anti Skid Bathroom Tiles Features

Anti-skid tiles are offered in 300x300mm and 600x600mm sizes

Anti-slip tiles can be made from a variety of materials, including vitrified tiles, ceramic tiles, and full-body vitrified tiles


suitable for
bathrooms, kitchens, shopping malls and swimming pools

made from
vitrified tiles, ceramic tiles and full-body vitrified tiles

different kinds
Sahara Rock Beige, Sahara Stone Creama and Sahara Granitic Gris

Used in
wete places

Additionally, these tiles are suitable for use in commercial as well as residential settings

These tiles have a price range that begins at Rs 50 per square foot and goes all the way up to Rs 100 per square foot

There are many different kinds of anti-skid tiles, but some of the more well-known ones include Sahara Rock Beige, Sahara Stone Creama, Sahara Granitic Gris, BFM Anti-Skid EC Blue, and BFM Anti-Skid EC Brown

These tiles are available for purchase both at a store local to you as well as on our website

 Anti Skid Bathroom Tiles Price

Buy Anti Skid Bathroom Tiles

Tiles with anti skids properties are quite unique to buy for bathrooms and other wetter places in your house

In addition to being safer to walk on, these tiles include several other advantages

These tiles require little effort to maintain, and only a damp mop will do the trick

Additionally, anti-slip tiles have a low water absorption rate, which makes them simpler to clean with soap and water

These tiles are long-lasting, and you may even use them to complement contrasting wall tiles, furnishings, or other accents

 Anti Skid Bathroom Tiles Price

Anti Skid Bathroom Tiles Price + Buy and Sell

When designing a safe bathroom for youngsters and the elderly, the first thing to think about is the tile

Bathroom renovations and remodels may be necessary more than once, wasting time and money

Porcelain and ceramic tiles, both of which are anti skid, are good options for the bathroom floor

Porcelain tile, a type of ceramic tile often used for bathroom flooring due to its slip resistance, is another popular option for this space

Because they are more visually appealing and practical than other types of waterproof floor tiles thanks to a wide variety of design options

In addition, the manufacturing procedure makes it sturdy, resistant to scratches, and simple to keep clean
Get in touch with us if you think more information is needed about the price to buy and sell

The Answer to Two Questions About Anti Skid Bathroom Tiles

1: Is anti skid bathroom tiles safe?
Anti-slip tiles lower the danger of falls and injuries, This is excellent for houses with young children and the elderly and disabled, who may have trouble balancing

2: How to clean anti skid bathroom tiles?
Wet rag mop (or similar) helps prevent sticking, Hand-scrub difficult places with a sponge or scrubbing brush, Once finished, dry the area to prevent dirt from settling into the flo grooves

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